Is Your Business Strategy Ready for 2014?

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Is Your Business Strategy Ready for 2014?

It's no secret that Google has turned the internet world upside down. Just when businesses and users were getting the hang of navigating the system (or so they thought), Google made major changes with Penguin, Panda and the release of Hummingbird. Not to mention, they have now done away with keyword data information.

Many businesses, including the self-storage industry, have to work twice as hard to keep up with the masses. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the world of SEO is changing, and the paradigm has shifted to a completely new role. Companies that strictly use content with dozens of links within their articles that shift back to their business is not helping at all. One or two links at the most will keep Google at bay, while anything more will label you as a spammer. Yes, you can spam your own site. Additionally, content should be used to provide relevance in other areas beyond the business. Companies that take an interest in providing advice or content on different topics, with a concentration of keeping customers engaged is more fulfilling than just directing individuals all throughout your site. If your content is relevant and interesting, they will automatically return without prodding.

Businesses need to understand the complexities of Google and how things work. Keeping your social media at the forefront is imperative. Huge platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have made it mandatory to have an active presence. Not only that, but your social media networks need to provide relevance and matter to your customers and the search engines. Gone are the days where a business could navigate with just a website. The problem with a lot of businesses is that they don’t have a strategy, and they have the wrong people in place who are not well versed in SEO strategy. Not being strategic will hurt more than they can ever imagine.

Content marketing is real. A good strategy has content that:

  • Is helpful
  • Engaging
  • Indicative of growth
  • Has authority connected to your work

Making sure to stay on top of what is happening with keyword search is also relevant. A study released from Vocus shows that Google likes expertise and value. It’s imperative to not forget the impact mobile devices also have on platform content. Guest blogging is also being pushed into the forefront, with a push on growing a following with content. The main question is, what type and how long should your content be? It really depends on the industry. You don’t want to have content that is too long and boring. If you have great content, no matter the length, short or long, they will come.

Businesses should take the time to strategize and formulate real plans. Training sessions would also be helpful. If you have a business storage facility, this may also be a great off-site venue for your team to sit and brainstorm in a climate-controlled unit. It’s almost 2014. Get ready!

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