Knowing the Keys to Content Marketing

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Knowing the Keys to Content Marketing

Content marketing is important when putting together an effective business strategy. The role of content marketing has evolved over the course of the year into an integral part of how a brand is positioned. As companies continue to tweak their initiatives, it’s crucial to know the difference between real content marketing and what could be perceived as content marketing but really isn’t. Here are a couple of things to know:

The Elements. The elements of content marketing include:

  • Strategy Development. This includes SEO, keyword analysis, research and more.
  • Content Creation. This must be consistent, and it takes quite a bit of time and effort.
  • Distribution and Promotion. Social media, email and other promotion vehicles fall into this category.
  • Performance Measurement. Know how your efforts are being received through analytics based on set benchmarks.

Having an effective content marketing strategy is hard work. Although it seems quite simple, that could be further from the truth. When setting your benchmarks, think about the following:

  • Content Marketing Takes Time. Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort to be successful. The threshold is high for results, and not having enough time is one of the major challenges of B2B marketers.  
  • Content Marketing is NOT Easy. You’re essentially building trust with an audience that you don’t know and that doesn’t know you. Winning that trust is important and keeping it is crucial.
  • Content Marketing is engaging, not automated. Even with all the social monitoring tools and distribution setting programs available, there are certain things that cannot be automated. Your content creation, for one. This needs to be well thought and well written. Your social media and content strategies are also important and cannot be automated processes.
  • Content Marketing does not have to be expensive. Content marketing is significantly cheaper than other promotion, but weighing the time factor that needs to be invested does add up. Currently, only 30% of budgets are used in content marketing spending.
  • Content Marketing is specialized – don’t let just anyone handle yours. The future of content marketing is bright and positions in this field will grow, based on what your company needs and your people know. Don’t lose market share by having the wrong person in charge.

Attack your content marketing strategically with a thorough, well-thought plan in place with an adept team steering the ship. There’s a lot to gain from doing it right, but even more to lose when you do it incorrectly. Content marketing is important across all industries, including self-storage. Knowing how to engage and capture a new audience can quickly increase your market share and your ROI which is what you want. Watch the predictions and follow the trends. There is a lot of useful information available to assist in creating a plan that will be effective. Do not discount the power of creative content. Interestingly enough, reading is back in style and consumers want engaging content that will make them view you as a resource. You have the tools; use them wisely.

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