Taking Your Self Storage Facility to the Next Level with Customer Service

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Taking Your Self Storage Facility to the Next Level with Customer Service

The key to the success of a business is excellent and responsive customer service. The self storage industry is no different. Since most people who use self storage are often first time customers in need of short term storage need, they will often need to be told to a great extent about the services you offer. Therefore, you will want to have employees who are comfortable with providing the level of customer service you will need to get new customer and hold on to loyal ones.

The first step in providing excellent customer service is to get an understanding of customers and what their needs are. Do customers want to find out more about military discounts or vehicle storage options? Take the time to inquire about what matters most to your customers. You can have employees issue a quick and informal survey when they take reservations. This will provide information about what should go on the self storage website in terms of the important things people want to know when renting a unit.

Convenience is also very key in good customer service. Customers need enough contact information to reserve a unit so ensure that they have it. If you have a self storage website or social media page, then list the phone number and addresses of all your self storage , locations. When searching for self storage, people want to be able to quickly get in touch with the facility. Many self storage businesses make the mistake of not supplying enough contact information and think that directory listings should be sufficient. Make it easy for the customer to find your self storage facility.

Another element in good customer service is to preserve customer loyalty by providing incentives such as rewards. While a part of growing a self storage business is seeking new customers, never neglect the ones who have been loyal to your for years. Repeat customers should recognized and made to feel special in order to ensure that they will continue to patronize your self storage facility. You can offer a free month’s rent to customers who have been with you a certain time or further incentivize them by offering a discount every time they bring in a friend to rent self storage.

The success of your self storage facility will largely rest on the relationships you build with customers so you want to make a great and long-lasting impression on everyone who comes through the door. People tend to like when service is personalized. Ask that self storage employees make an effort to find out customers’ names and greet everyone who calls or comes in-person with a smile. Make them feel welcome at your self storage facility.

Customer service goes a long way in terms of growing your self storage business. Repeat customers happen when people are impressed by the service you provide. Every point of contact is an opportunity to get to know each customer better and go the extra mile to ensure that he or she has a positive experience with your self storage business.

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