Everything Your Self Storage Business Needs to Know about Twitter's New Update

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Everything Your Self Storage Business Needs to Know about Twitter's New Update

If you use Twitter to market your self storage business then you have noticed in the past weeks that there have been a few changes to the layout on both the web and mobile applications. Twitter recently introduced a number of changes aimed at making the social network service more visual. If you use your tweets to communicate self storage deals and highlight your facility, then these new updates will slightly alter what you are currently doing.

Twitter now allows Vine posts to be embedded directly into users timelines. Before this update, a link to the video would be displayed and a user would have to open it in a browser or another Twitter window. Instead of the extra hassle of opening the link in another application, users now have the ability to see the video directly in their streams.

When making self storage Vine videos, your thumbnail image should be catchy and stimulating in order to get the user to click. Since Twitter users will now automatically see the a still of the video once they follow you or come across your tweet, you will want to ensure that your marketing message is heard loud and clear.

The timeline preview is the same for pictures as well. Pictures are displayed by default in users timelines. This presents an excellent opportunity if you usually post self storage flyers on Twitter. The attempt at making Twitter more visual means that you will need to make your images graphically stimulating. Choose pictures that will capture the attention of people who are scrolling along their timelines.

Currently, there is no option to turn off the automatic display of pictures and videos. Some user have expressed concern especially at the fact that some pictures may not be safe for work but are still automatically shown. There are a couple of adblock and browser extension options that have popped up following the announcement of the release. Some Twitter users seem to be less than thrilled about not having a choice whether or not to see the images that everyone they follow releases.

Try to ensure that your images are not spammy in nature. Since users can’t opt-out of this new feature, they will be looking to cut down on nuisances in any way possible. If your account routinely spams users’ timelines, then this behavior could possibly get you unfollowed.

Since this release was done only a couple weeks ago, it is still too early to tell how users will adapt and interact with companies in the self storage industry and others. However, if you follow our guide on using Twitter in your online marketing strategy, then this change will allow you to maximize your efforts even further.

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