Using VenueSeen for Photo Campaigns

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Using VenueSeen for Photo Campaigns

Social media campaigns offer the opportunity to reach out to more people by offering an incentive to interact with a product or service. In the self storage industry, where price is often the single most important discerning feature, facility owners constantly try to stand out from the rest of the crowd. In the world of online marketing, photo campaigns can help to introduce a fresh sense of creativity into an industry that is not always viewed as exciting. VenueSeen is a new service can give your self storage business the ability to run contests across Instagram and Twitter.

VenueSeen allows the user to build and run campaigns that feature customer-generated content. There are API development tools available that can be used to create a customized display of pictures. If you use this service to run photo campaigns for your self storage business, you can even track all unsolicited content and feedback from users including photos, keywords, names and descriptive tags. This content can then be used to gain insight into how your customers whish to engage with your brand.

When deciding whether or not VenueSeen would be valuable for your self storage business, the first place to look would be your budget. At a cost of $10000 - $20, 0000 per week, this service does not come cheap. However, if you are trying to make a dedicated push towards getting more customers through social media, then the payoff may be worth the upfront costs.

Once you have signed up for VenueSeen, getting started with building photo campaigns is quick and easy. You simply log into your dashboard and select a new campaign and choose a hashtag that you wan to be associated with the contest. Then, name your campaign and decide the length of time you would like it to run. You may also add custom design elements and messages, link you social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. There is also a Facebook app included in the package.

Once everything has been set up for a campaign, you are then able to view, approve or decline contest entries. The approved entrants are sent a message with more information about how to claim their photo that has been entered into the contest. This way, you will never been at risk of spamming customers since it is an opt-in process to enter. VenueSeen will collect the hashtags across all selected social networks and any related data. You can easily view this information in your dashboard.

This service will help your self storage business save much needed time and removes the need for manual tracking of social media contest entries. For example, if you are running a campaign for self storage in Dallas and you want to also do one for your business in Chicago, you can easily track both contests with separate hashtags.

VenueSeenVenueSeen is not the only company that offers this service. Similar providers include Chute and Olapic that both offer tools to curate and manage visual user-generated content. Research the pros and cons of one service versus another before deciding to commit to any.

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