How to target Facebook posts

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How to target Facebook posts

Facebook has been introducing new features aimed at getting users to spend more time making organic posts and less time using third-party applications. The popular social networking site has quietly rolled out a new set of features that will help you to target your self storage even more directly. You can now target posts according to gender, relationship status, what a person is interested in, educational status, age, location, and language.

Facebook first made targeted posts available about one year ago. However, targeting was limited to pages with at least 5, 000 likes. Also, when posts were targeted, they would be hidden the people who were not included, even when those persons visited your page. This meant that if you chose to target self storage customers in Houston, but someone who lived in Miami viewed your page, they would not be able to view the post. Luckily, there has been a much-needed update that allows everyone to see targeted posts once they visit your page. Targeted posts simply do not show up in the newsfeed of people who you do not want to be included.

There are many advantages to using targeted Facebook posts. It allows you to streamline posts and keep information confined to certain audiences. For example, if you post about self storage discounts for the back-to-school demographic, which includes parent and college students, your average customer may not be interested in this information. Therefore, instead running the risk of having customers unlike your page or permanently hide it from their newsfeed due to too many posts that do not apply to them, you can choose to target your posts instead.
Targeting also allows you to tailor messages more specifically to fit the needs of both existing and potential customers. There is no need to worry about whether a post will appeal to everyone if you are designing it to target a particular group of people.

Many pages do not currently have this setting enabled but here is how you can take the first step towards quickly and easily making more targeted and relevant posts:
Go to Edit page > Edit Settings > Post Privacy Gating > Select the checkbox. Then, go to the page and hover your mouse over the section at the left where the Scheduling option is located and then a compass will appear. If after enabling it, you turn off Privacy Gating, the option to target will still exist but the geo-targeting feature will disappear. This was previously located under Manage Permissions and the layout changed recently.

When targeting posts, keep in mind that not everyone fills out his or her Facebook profile completely and accurately. For instance, there may be people located in Atlanta who have Las Vegas listed as a location. Therefore, if you have an important post and you would like to ensure that as many people see it as possible, targeting might not be the best option.

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