Storify for Self Storage Marketing

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Storify for Self Storage Marketing

With the wealth of social media platforms now available, it is may be difficult for the average self storage operator to keep track of his or her efforts. The best solution for this is to select a service that curates the content of your social media campaigns and presents them in a way that your customer can easily navigate the information. Storify is one such service. It allows you to gather social content from all over the web based on hashtags. Storify has been available to social media marketers since 2010 but it has only now recently been gaining traction. Here are a few ways you can use it to maximize your social media presence:

  • Organize social media campaigns – You can use this to create a post based on any social media campaign you have running at a particular time. For example, if you are offering a discount and used a hashtag, it is possible to create a post and show everyone the responses to your campaign or competition. The process is quick and easy and in little or no time, you’ll be showing people what everyone is saying about your self storage business.

  • Present content from various networks – Whether you are using Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media service which employs the use of hashtag, you can aggregate the content with Storify. A Facebook campaign that is running conjointly with Twitter can be conveniently presented to the public in one place.

  • Highlighting user content – In terms of marketing your self storage facility, satisfied customers help to put your best foot forwards. If you host an event, pictures posted from attendees can serve as a great marketing tool for to promote your business. At the event, be sure to create an official hashtag and ask the people present share photos on social media using that hashtag. There is also the option of searching for a word or phrase and using to showcase the content. There might be a concern about presenting unfiltered user content but the best part about Storify is that you can select what content will be shown on your feed.

  • Segmenting content into list – Organization and time management are key in effective online marketing and Storify can help you to achieve this. If you constantly have to share information on your events then this comes in handy as a timesaver. Apart from events, you can create lists on self storage topics such as tips on packing a storage unit and the types of unit that work best for storing certain product.

  • Providing the history on an event – Storify can also be used to give an idea of the general history behind an event. This can be used to showcase previous successes when moving forward with an initiative. Instead of pulling up what people are currently saying about a topic, take a look at what people might have said, 6 months or even a year. This also help to add credibility to your self storage brand.

With Storify you will have the opportunity to create and share lots of valuable content which in turns creates links and increases visibility in search engines that pick up a post based on its relevancy.

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