Ways to Use LinkedIn to Bolster Your Self Storage Marketing

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Ways to Use LinkedIn to Bolster Your Self Storage Marketing

LinkedIn in a professional social media network targeted at job seekers and entrepreneurs. It boasts several features that can both help to increase business contacts and sales. You may currently be employing the use of various social media tools, which are aimed at reaching out to customers, but you should never underestimate the value in networking with your peers in the self storage industry. In a study conducted by The Wall Street Journal and Vistage International, LinkedIn can help to drive traffic back to your website. If you have a blog, this is the perfect opportunity to collaborate on ideas on ideas for new topics. Ask other people working in the self storage industry to share ideas about best practices in social media and creative ways to leverage your efforts to find more customers. You’ll find that if you become an authority on a subject, then people will be more than willing to reciprocate and also even come to you first whenever they need a great new idea. Reaching out to people via LinkedIn can also help to resolve offline issues you might be having as well. For example, if you are having a problem finding the person in charge of a certain are in a company you would like to do business with, creating a connection and eventual dialogue first on LinkedIn can help to ease you into an introduction and help to establish a working relationship.

Recruitment – There are quite a few great candidates seeking jobs on LinkedIn. The great thing about using this a arena to post a job is that you can easily screen applicants without filling up your business email inbox. If you don’t want to reveal the name of your company while looking to fill a position, you can still review applicants. The anonymity helps to guard against multiple people calling to inquire about a position and impeding on normal business operations. Also, you can used LinkedIn to ensure that what applicants put on their resume is really truthful by looking at the whether or not their skills have been endorsed by others or if their LinkedIn profile and professional history matches up with the resume.

Recommendations – These help to endorse your business and expertise. Request that people who are familiar with your work to leave a testimony about your skills. For your personal LinkedIn page, request that connections either leave a short review of the skills you have added to your profile or at least fill out an endorsement. Also, encourage satisfied customers to leave feedback.

Engagement – Groups offer the perfect opportunity for interacting both with peers and customers. Search for and provide answers to questions that people post about storage and this will help to establish your credibility in the self storage industry. Other self storage entrepreneurs might have questions and you can extend a little professional courtesy by helping out with queries, if possible. These relationships that are built will also help your business to grow by providing the opportunity to foster partnerships.

LinkedIn might not be the solution for every online marketing problem but building a network and becoming more active in the self storage industry can help to connect you with more people in order to expand both your professional and consumer base.

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