How to Boost Your Self Storage Facility's Facebook Fan Base

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How to Boost Your Self Storage Facility's Facebook Fan Base

Given the dominance of social media marketing, many self storage facility owners tend to think the success or failure of their business rests on how many Facebook fans they possess. In reality, numerous Facebook fans are useless if there is no engagement. For instance, there is little value present if the majority of likes are from spam accounts instead of genuine customers. Here's how to gain Facebook likes from persons who are actually interested in what your self storage business is up to:

  • Give first, and then seek – Many small businesses owners make the mistake of searching for fans simply by incessantly asking people to share a fan page. Facebook is different from traditional advertising platforms such as billboards and radio ads, which mainly seek to close a sale. When using Facebook, it is important to understand that you need to give people a reason to want to visit your self storage fan page.

  • Create an online personality – One thing that the most successful business pages have in common is that they operate from a very unique and memorable stance. The voice of your self storage facility should not just be updates that sound like a corporate memo. Instead, show the lighter side of your company by injecting a bit of humor and candidness.

  • Remember the 30/70 rule – When using Facebook, aim to make 70% of updates about sharing quality content and the other 30% for a sales pitch. Facebook users usually don’t want their newsfeed bombarded with too much ad copy. If your posts are interesting and entertaining, then not only will they engage users but it will also encourage them to share your page.

  • Make personal responses – You can use your fan page to break away from the usual nameless and faceless reputation most businesses have. There is an opportunity here for your self storage facility to connect on a more personal level with existing and new customers alike. If possible, reply personally to all inquiries.

  • Remove meaningless contributors – Keep in mind that quality is more in more important than quantity. If the likes for your self storage facility page consist mainly of spam accounts that post nonsensical links, this does not add any value to your page. Remove these posts in order to create a better user experience for the real people who like the page.

Facebook provides endless opportunities for engagement. View the links on your business page as opportunities for learning and engagement in order to connect with self storage customers.

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