Four Reasons to Incorporate Direct Mail Marketing

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Four Reasons to Incorporate Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail correspondence is one of the most common forms direct marketing. The low cost of online marketing has led to the gradual phasing out of direct mail. However, there are still several compelling reasons to utilize this method. In order to ensure the effectiveness of direct mail marketing in a multi-channel environment, there are certain key challenges that need to be addressed, such as making the messages personal and creative. Here are a few reasons why it would be wise to revisit direct mail for your self storage facility:

  • There is less competition – The popularity of online marketing means there are less direct mail pieces making it into customers’ mailboxes. With less mail pieces to sort through, there is a greater chance that your communication material will be seen.

  • Increased focus on message – Large numbers of electronic communication can be overwhelming and email subjects often get ignored or sent to spam, In contrast, the consumer immediately sees direct mail. If the messages are creative and engaging enough, they will invoke a response.

  • Flexibility in marketing messages – Since there is less need to worry about customers missing the material, there is more freedom to create novel items that will stand out. There is also a lot more space to put copy.

  • Positions your self storage company as innovative – Going against the norm allows your self storage facility to stand out from the rest. If potential customers are getting dozens of emails a day but come across your direct mail piece, it is likely that your business will create a more memorable impression.

When incorporating direct mail into an overall self storage marketing campaign, it can also be used to aid in online marketing as well. You can use direct mail marketing to generate traffic for your self storage website, reach out to customers who are distrustful of web advertising, send brochures and drive traffic to your facility.

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