Video Marketing Tips for Self Storage

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Video Marketing Tips for Self Storage

As a self storage business owner, you may not have access to the same resources or marketing budget as a large company but there are still several affordable creative marketing strategies at your fingertips. Video marketing does not need celebrities or a professional production in order to be successful. All you need is a solid strategy that highlights the most important aspects of your self storage business. Here are some tips to help to get you on the road to success:

  • Optimize for search engines (SEO) – Optimizing your videos is not a complex process. When uploading to YouTube, include your self storage business’ keywords in places like the title and description boxes. If you will be posting it to your website, include a short paragraph which includes self storage keywords. There is also additional SEO value in adding YouTube videos to your Google Places profile.

  • Place video across a variety of platforms – Almost every social networking site allows for the uploading of videos or posting of links to videos. Hosting videos on YouTube saves bandwidth and posting them to your self storage website gives visitors a richer selection of content and a more dynamic online presence. These videos can be used to populate pages across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

  • Give video tours – Customers often want to see what they are buying before making a commitment. If you don’t want to take on shooting and editing a video, there are many companies that specialize in shooting short videos for small businesses.

  • Display customer testimonials – Video testimonials have an even bigger impact than written ones. They connect to potential customers on a personal level and shows them that there are real persons who use and enjoy your self storage services. To encourage customers to leave testimonials, you can offer an incentive like a discount or a free month’s rent.

The bottom line for self storage business owners is that video marketing is an invaluable method for lead generation and is not only effective and affordable but also surprisingly easy to undertake.

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