Tips for Managing Your Self Storage Facility's Communication On the Go

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Tips for Managing Your Self Storage Facility's Communication On the Go

The way in which people conduct business in a fast paced environment is rapidly changing and connectivity is even now more important than ever. According to last year’s VSS Communications Industry Forecast conducted by PQ Media, communications spending was expected to grow nearly 5.6% by the end of 2012. The introduction of social media has added an additional communication channel to the workplace and increased the expectation for prompt response time. Here are a few ways to manage your self storage business on-the-go:

  • Get a VoIP – A Voice over IP allow you to stay connected even if you are in areas with bad service zones. Since the calls are transferred over a network, as long as WiFi is available, you’ll never miss an important phone call.

  • Make use of voicemail – No matter how busy the day-to-day activities of your self storage business are, always make time to check, respond to and clear voicemail messages. If your voicemail inbox is full, you could miss important business inquiries. If you just aren’t finding the time to listen to voicemails, get “voice to text” so that messages are transcribed in order to read at your convenience.

  • Build an office in the cloud - With cloud computing, while you’re on the go, your self storage facility can be right there with you. Services such as Google Drive and Dropbox allow users to share documents over the cloud. You can even have a cloud based phone system that can transform any smartphone into a mobile office.

  • Collaborate virtually – Web conferencing can connect you with your self storage team members when you are out of immediate reach. Use this forum to share solutions to problems and brainstorm on new ideas about how to reach out to self storage customers.

  • Extend the reach of your brand – Technology has eliminated the barriers geography once posed when it came to marketing a business. Making use of a toll-free number will help to bring in nationwide business and bring in more customers by making it easy for people to find you.

Your self storage facility should never miss important business opportunities due to lack of communication. These key elements will help you to save time and money by helping to manage the daily flow of communication in your business while helping to build the credibility of your brand.

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