Tips For Making an Online Apology

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Tips For Making an Online Apology

There are several blunders that a storage facility can make online such as incorrectly pricing a special, showing units that are no longer available or displaying the wrong information about a unit, like showing a drive up unit as an indoor, climate controlled one. If you find that you have committed any of the above mistakes, or others, then the following steps will help customers see that your business is still worthy of their trust and respect:

  • Correct typos ASAP – While attempting to keep up with the fast pace of online marketing, typos may appear in your web content. It is imperative to fix these immediately. A typo in a price for a storage unit will create ire among customers and you might be forced to face the difficult decision to honor a lower price and operate at a loss or potentially lose business.

  • Understand that there is no easy way out – Apologizing for an error is never an easy undertaking and doing so non-verbally heightens the difficulty of the situation. Since you will not be able to rely on verbal inflections that communicate your sincerity, try to make the written apology as genuine and heartfelt as possible.

  • Take full responsibility – It might be tempting to blame the web copywriter or advertising agency for mistakes on your website or social media profiles but no one likes to hear whining. Trying to defer blame detracts from an honest apology and can possible give the impression that your self storage facility is not straightforward in its dealings.

  • Get it endorsed by those in charge – Whether or not the owner or operator of the self storage business wrote the apology, it is important that it still comes from them. The CEO or owner is the face of the company and the person with which customers are most familiar. An apology from a manager or regular employee will not carry the same type of weight.

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  • Ensure that everyone is included – If there were an error in the details of a discount, for example, it would not be sufficient to only include the persons who have tried to utilize the discount and discovered the inconsistency. Since the reputation of your storage business is what is at stake, everyone who could possibly have seen the error should be included. Also, never send out an apology from a “no reply” email address. A real person who is available to respond to customer complaints should send these emails.

Remember, mistakes can happen in any business at some point. The key is not to panic, but to implement the tips above to quickly and efficiently restore faith in your brand.

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