Blog Ideas to Drive Your Self Storage Business

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Blog Ideas to Drive Your Self Storage Business

If there is not enough time or money in your budget to find someone to write quality content for your self storage website, but you understand the importance of marketing copy, blog posts, social media and email marketing, then you can undertake this venture yourself. If you have a website then you have the ability to publish content and can use this to your advantage. After all, who knows more about your self storage facility than you? According to Hubspot, companies with blogs get 55% more website traffic and this number increases whether you post frequently or not.

If creating a blog on your website is too costly or too complicated, there are websites that will allow you to create a blog outside your website, best of all they are free and relatively easy to use., and are the most popular and each has a different set of good and not so good features, go ahead, try them and find the one that works for you.

Here are some ideas for blog topics that will keep your content relevant to customers:

  • Upcoming and recent events– If you attend self storage events such trade shows, conferences and networking activities, write posts about your experiences. This can include what you learned and information about the people you met. Give other self storage industry owners a shout out on your blog and ask them to return the favor. You can also use hashtags for your events in order to engage persons.

  • Facility Reviews – Does your self storage business have a distinct advantage over competitors? If so, then write a blog post reviewing facility and its amenities alongside others in the industry. Be sure to include crucial keywords that can help with SEO efforts.

  • Posts about tips and trucks – Use your expertise in the industry to help people who might be new to self storage. You can make useful and practical posts that are still fun to read. When making instructional posts, such as best practices for packing a storage unit, try to get your points across as concisely as possible.

  • Frequently asked questions – If your customers keep asking the same question over and over again, you can write a blog post that addresses common issues. If your post is particularly helpful then it will get shared across a variety of platforms and bring even more people back to your website.

  • Helpful Tools – Do you know about a tool that would make life easier for your self storage customers? Tell people about it in a blog post. You can let you’re recommending know about the article so they can promote it via social media and in turn bring more traffic to your website.

Writing relevant blog posts takes time and patience. However, with sufficient practice, you’ll get in a groove and you’ll be well on your way to more website traffic, engagement, leads and new self storage customer.

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