How to use Crowdsourcing to grow your self storage business

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How to use Crowdsourcing to grow your self storage business

Prior to the advent of social media, if businesses wanted to reach a large crowd, the options were limited to expensive national television, radio and print advertising campaigns. However, social media now gives businesses, both small and large, the opportunity to access a large crowd. Crowdsourcing, a term coined by Jeff Howe in 2006, is outsourcing a job that is normally performed by an employee to a large group of people via an open call. There are several specialized sites created for allowing small businesses to reach a larger crowd. Here are a few ways in which your self storage business can take advantage of them:

  • Outsourcing – This is perhaps one of the most common uses of crowdsourcing by small business owners. If you need a flyer designed or someone to write copy for your self storage website, you can reach out to freelancers on sites such as or On these sites, persons can bid on tasks. One of the main advantages to this is that you are almost always guaranteed a great price on these services since there will be many people competing for your tasks. Also, you can set a budget to ensure that you do not go over a certain amount.

  • Brainstorming and product ideas – If you are stuck trying to develop innovative self storage ideas, you can ask the public for help through sites like and Getting the public involved is a great way to determine which ideas work and the ones that might need revising.

  • Crowdsourcing

  • Crowdfunding – If you have new self storage initiative but don’t have the resources to get it started, then you can use this method to fund the project. Sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter help persons to gather money from crowds to finance various projects. However, you will have to come up with an appealing pitch that will get people interested enough in the project to want to contribute.

  • Microtasking – As a self storage business owner, you’ll find that there is often not enough time to complete mundane, yet important tasks. Services such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and Clickworker can help to find persons who can complete these tasks for a nominal fee. Tasks on these sites start as low as $0.01 and workers are paid according to the number of tasks fulfilled.

There are many instances where your self storage business can use the crowd to help your self storage business to develop further. If you have a task or a question you want to put to the crowd, there several ways to reach them. Make use of the sites mentioned to tap into the crowd’s potential for the use of your self storage business.

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