Four Website Pitfalls to Avoid

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Four Website Pitfalls to Avoid

The genesis of the Internet occurred nearly twenty years ago but there are still some companies with a very limited online presence. In the world of self storage where rates play a critical role in getting new customers, the Internet is the fastest and easiest way to let them know that your services far outperform that of competitors. A quick assessment of your self storage website can determine whether or not it is achieving its purpose. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid:

  • Lack of mobile compatibility – According to survey data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project in 2012, 56 percent of mobile phone users in the US access the Internet. The large number of users accessing your self storage website from portable devices should not be ignored. Ensuring that your website has mobile compatibility will help to keep your facility on top of the expanding mobile market.

  • Failing to optimize – The information on the backend of a website can be just as influential as the content that is displayed to users. Including storage keywords in the meta tags and optimizing the content will assist customers in finding your facility through search engines.

  • Not keeping up with social media – Social media links for all relevant pages should be prominently displayed on your self storage website. The website acts as the biggest traffic source for social media profiles. Neglecting to connect these two elements will result in a lack of followers and fans.

  • Insufficient contact information – A toll free number or email address is crucial part of any website. If potential customers can’t contact your self storage business, then the website fails to achieve one of its main goals – converting leads. There should be detailed information about how to get in touch with your self storage employees. Failure to provide this information can cause customers to question the legitimacy of your self storage facility.

Focusing on these key areas will allow your self storage business to garner more traffic and actively engage users. Avoiding these pitfalls is a small part of the overall work required to maintain a successful self storage website. Additional business can be generated online by enhancing the reservation system, integrating ads and solidifying your e-commerce platform.

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