Website Enhancements for Your Self Storage Facility

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Website Enhancements for Your Self Storage Facility
While transacting business online is fairly commonplace nowadays, the Internet still does not inspire the same kind of trust as in-person interactions. Therefore, it is more important than ever that your self storage facility website appears to be one in which customers can trust and feel confident enough to conduct business. Here's a list of quality signals that, when implemented on your website, can increase not only brand trust but also conversions:

  • Show industry sites where you have been featured – If your self storage business has ever appeared on Inside Self Storage or any other well known industry sites, then make a note of this. Consider adding a “As Seen In” section and mention all the relevant sites that have featured your business.

  • Join the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – Getting the BBB seal added to your self storage website is one of the best ways to put customers at ease. The BBB badge represents that the business is credible and many persons trust this. Another benefit is that the BBB often links back to the website for businesses it features which can help in your SEO efforts.

  • Include a privacy policy – People place a considerable amount value on privacy, especially online where there are so many deceptive websites that steal personal information. Displaying your self storage company's policy on sharing customer data is good practice. When customers see that your self storage business cares about their information, it can contribute to building your brand image and customer loyalty.

  • Provide a secure site – If people can rent self storage units on your website, then customers will want to feel secure when sharing credit card information. Products such as Symantec Safe Site perform a website scan to ensure it is not affected by malware or anything that could potentially steal personal information. Other companies, such as Authorize.Net will provide a badge that you can display on your website to indicate to customers that their information will be valued and protected.

  • Add staff photographs – Include staff biographies and job descriptions in your self storage website’s About US section. Adding photos of yourself and staff members helps to build trust since people who are involved in questionable business activities would be unlikely to share what they look like.

Gaining the trust of the persons who visit your website is essential to converting them into customers. Adding the above enhancements to your website can help people to feel more secure about doing business with your self storage facility.

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