Marketing Tips for Memorial Day

Marketing Tips for Memorial Day

By: Jodi Reid
When operating any business, it is important to remain competitive during the holiday season. Holidays tend to bring many discounts. Some customers will even delay purchasing a product or service until a holiday sale in order to get the best price. Fortunately, marketing during the holidays does not require a large additional budget. If you have a small self storage business, you probably won’t be able to beat the discounted prices of larger chains. However, there might be value added areas and expertise on your part that the big chains lack. Here are a few marketing tips to help your self storage business remain competitive during the Memorial Day period:

  • Provide extended service and support – Many businesses end up shutting down on Memorial Day but you can distinguish your self storage facility by remaining open. Think of how appreciative customers will be to know that they can have self storage needs handled on a major holiday, especially if they had no other time off to get things done.

  • Double up on pay-per-click ads – At this point in time, many people are searching for sales. Try to get online ads with “self storage Memorial Day sale” out to the public and encourage customers to share details of your discounts with friends and family.

  • Let your marketing stand out – As the holiday approaches and get more frenzied, the marketing messages follow the same pattern. Make self storage messages clear, to the point and easily understandable. Add another channel to your marketing mix and incorporate direct mail. It provides a welcome change to email and can also bring favorable results.

  • Reward your most loyal customers – Your Memorial Day self storage marketing does not have to revolve solely around getting new customers. Provide incentives for existing customers as well. Offer a discount to those who have been with your self storage facility for a long period of time.

  • Be sure to follow up – If persons did not participate in your self storage special, it does not mean they are completely uninterested. Invite them to sign up to discuss offerings at a later time. Offering a helpful guide that addresses the self storage needs of customers would be a great place o start. Following up indicates to potential customers that you appreciate their business and you can start building even more trust from there.

These tips can enable a small self storage facilities to compete with the bigger names in the industry and require virtually no additional budget to execute well. The key to this is personalization and relevance based on previous experience with self storage customers.