Ways to Quickly Build Backlinks for Your Self Storage Website

Ways to Quickly Build Backlinks for Your Self Storage Website

By: Jodi Reid
Building backlinks is an effective way to gain relevant traffic and grow your self storage business. Since an increasing number of people prefer to conduct business on the Internet you will find that a large number of customers will find your self storage facility via its website and proceed to rent storage online or follow up for more information. Backlinking spreads the link to your self storage website across a wider number of sites. Here are some ways to kick off your link-building with ease:

  • Guest-Blogging – This is an incredible method for building backlinks that can be undertaken in several ways such as search for guest-blogging opportunities using key phrases such as “write for us” or “become a contributor”. Be sure to add the keyword “self storage” in order to pull up blogs that are relevant to the industry. There are also networks, like MyGuestBlog.com, that connect bloggers with one another. This site allows you to upload content and get in touch with other bloggers in order to pitch a post. Blog posts that are well written and fit within relevant topics stand a high chance of getting accepted.

  • PR Networks – There are several free subscription services that bring together reporters, bloggers, and authors looking for answers to specific questions. Using Sites like PitchRate and ProfNet offer simple ways to earn links to your self storage website. For these sites, writers ask questions about a wide range of topics and you respond if the questions pertain to your area of knowledge or industry. Then, the writer credits you as a source via a backlink.

  • Product reviews – If you accept payments for the unit rentals online, then your self storage website classifies as an e-commerce site. Product and service reviews of e-commerce sites can be one of the most effective ways of building backlinks. Bloggers are always looking for products and services to review. If your self storage website gets featured on one of these sites, you will likely receive emails from others asking for the opportunity to do the same on their blogs. The difficult part is deciding which bloggers are worth your time and effort.

  • Blog Commenting - The key to this is to comment only on very relevant blogs and posts. There are several self storage blogs that gain significant daily traffic. Keep your comments interesting and useful and be sure to link back to your website. If others in the self storage industry like what they see on your site, it is likely that they will link to you as well.

  • There are also other ways to gain backlinks such as submitting artiles to Ezines, Squidoo, Hubpages, listing in directories, actively participating on forums, submitting videos and images, and email outreach.