How to Promote Your Self Storage Website Using Link Building

How to Promote Your Self Storage Website Using Link Building

By: Jodi Reid
Link building is an important part of generating traffic for any website. Anything that motivates you to share a link with your website’s visitors is considered a linkable asset. Understanding exactly what is linkable about your self storage business is the key to identifying various places where you can share these links. Here are a few ideas of how you can capitalize on link building:

  • Consistent blogs and new content – Publishing content on a consistent basis opens your self storage website up to more opportunities for link building. If you are producing share worthy and interesting content, then there is a strong likelihood it will be shared across self storage news and forums and in other online industry discussions.

    • Coupons, events, and job listings – If you routinely host events, offer coupons for self storage units, or post job openings, then excellent link building ventures exist. Colleges and universities are often willing to post links to sites with job listings. There are also so many community calendars that allow local businesses to post information about special events. For coupons, there are sites that offer the ability to list coupons and many of them link back to the business website.

      • Business relationships – Does your self storage business have a partner relationship with a moving company or renter’s insurance provider? If so, then capitalize on it for link building. Offer to link to these websites if they are willing to return the favor.

      • Link Building

        Link Building

        • Service discounts, giveaways, and contests – Running self storage promotions and contests is one of the easiest ways to develop links. Posting promotional information on relevant sites encourages people to visit your website to either find out more about the contest or your business.

        • When creating your link building campaign, think broadly and creatively in order to develop a strong and effective strategy. Your self storage business might be capable of many link building opportunities that you have yet to explore.