Tips for Increasing Online Self Storage Reservations

Tips for Increasing Online Self Storage Reservations

A website is one of the best marketing tools for getting information about your self storage business out to a wide audience. Advancements in technology have made owning a website relatively low cost so there is almost no excuse to be without one. Taking reservations online is also easier than ever. Giving customers the ability to reserve online also frees up more time for your employees to concentrate on other important duties. Here are some tips for increasing online reservations:

  • Investigate and target your audience – When devising an online marketing campaign, targeting everyone is not the best way to achieve your objective. Target audiences need to be outlined and the best way to communicate the message to them should be researched. Find out what they are looking for and try to hone your message to fit their needs.

  • Engage customers with content – There is a wealth of valuable content you can provide to self storage customers. Many people are renting self storage for the first time. Therefore, finding sufficient information on your website will increase the likelihood that customers will reserve a unit. Content about the where to get moving supplies and how to prepare for moving items into self storage are a couple things that will help bring more visitors to your website.

  • Utilize facility photos – One of the biggest questions when renting self storage is – how much space will I need? Visual representations of your units will help customers in the decision making process. Also, pictures of security features of your facility can encourage persons to rent from you.

  • Use calls to action strategically – Calls to action are what tell visitors what you want them to do when they visit your self storage website. Since your main objective here is to motivate them to reserve online, the link that allows them to do so should be placed in a highly visible location on the homepage. Calls to actions will be different on the various pages of your website. For instance, on pages where there is information for persons new to self storage, you may not want to put a ‘reserve now’ call to action. Instead, a call to action to get more information might be more appropriate for that customer.

  • There are several conversion-based tactics that can aid your website in becoming more efficient at driving storage reservations. However, following the basics outlined above, is an effective way to start as you go on to understand more about what it takes to convert your website visitors into customers.