Creating a Mobile Website for Your Self Storage Facility

Creating a Mobile Website for Your Self Storage Facility

A mobile marketing strategy should be an important part of your self storage internet marketing initiative. If you have a self storage website, the aim of it should be to provide the ability to rent your self storage units, or even your RV Parking Storage in the most convenient ways possible. Creating a mobile version of your website can be easy and relatively inexpensive.

The first step in transitioning to the mobile web is to determine whether or not you want to do it yourself or outsource the job. If you service your self storage facility in-house, then you can get a paid or free service to assist with the mobile conversion. Services like Mobify and Wirenode provide you with an easy interface to create your mobile website yourself. The graphical interface of Mobify is very user friendly and setting up this service is easy. The free version gives a custom domain but the $249/month plan allows for such features as the mobile analytics and the removal of the Mobify logo.

Automatic detection for mobile users is a convenient way to ensure that your site is displayed properly on the right device. Ensure that mobile users are automatically redirected unless they may never get to view this version of your site unless they already know the URL. Also, you can give users the option to switch from your mobile site to the full version. Sometimes, persons on a capable device, such as tablet, are able to view the full site and would prefer doing so.

Other great free do-it-yourself tools for creating a mobile version include Mippin, Wirenode, Zinadoo, Winksite, mobiReady, and Google Mobile Optimizer. Monthly paid services include MoFuse and MoboSiteGalore.

If you are feeling particularly technologically savvy, you might want to look into creating a self storage mobile app as well. Facilities such as Sovran Self Storage have launched a mobile app in order to reach an even wider range of customers. This gives you access to a whole other market that prefers the convenience of accessing information and services from the homescreen of their smartphones and tablets. To determine whether or not a mobile app would be the right fit for your self storage facility, consider the development costs, your overall market budget, and the number of potential customers you would hope to reach.

Make your mobile website as simple as possible. Do not try to pack in too many features as this would defeat the purpose of mobile site. Your site should load quickly and not contain too much text. The link to listings and reservations should be the most prominently displayed items on your mobile self storage website. To view’s mobile website, visit from your smartphone or tablet PC.