Emerging Technology in the Self Storage Industry

Emerging Technology in the Self Storage Industry

With technology growing at a rapid rate, it has become increasingly important for self storage managers and owners to become more tech savvy. Whether it is navigating a facility management system for daily activities or advanced reporting, the significance of being technologically competent is undeniable. There have been significant changes in mobile-to-mobile alert security systems and wireless security technology of which self storage operators need to be aware.

Self storage facilities are entrusted with keeping the belongings of their customers safe. Therefore, it is imperative to keep abreast of the current technology that better enables them to perform these duties effectively. A new radio-frequency (RF) wireless alert system provides self storage customers with a text message update if there is a possible intruder. These systems are available from QuikStor and PureRFif.

There are three types of wireless device technologies currently available for self storage facility owners to offer to their customers. For door installation, devices are installed in padlocks that must be opened to properly unlock the unit which interrupts the communication link with the closest reader. In-unit devices are tamper-proof and can be instantly activated when the mini-lock is disconnected from the tracking attachment before the door is unlocked. The last device is related to motion detection, which is ideal for storing valuable items. This device instantly detects motion whenever it is disturbed and then sends an alert signal.

Many facilities also offer key fobs. These devices have a built-in authentication used to control secure access to network services and data. Key fobs give customers access to only the floor on which their items are stored. This helps to provide a more secure environment for other self storage patrons.

Positioning your self storage business as being secure will put you ahead of other competitors in the market. Facilities that offer these technologically advanced security features can use it as a marketing tool in order to gain more customers since people are more likely to rent from a place that they feel is secure. These emerging technologies can be utilized to create more revenue for the self storage facilities which choose to invest in them.