3 Surefire Ways to Sell Rental Facilities in a B2B Market

3 Surefire Ways to Sell Rental Facilities in a B2B Market

Small business owners welcome a bit of friendly competition between them and other businesses in their city. While you expect to compete against other small business owners in your area, you may have yet to realize that your competitors can actually become some of your staunchest allies in your efforts to turn a profit and build a lasting rental facilities business.

Many small business owners realize that their overall success depends on some give and take among their competitors. These three strategies embody this approach and can help you sell rental facilities like self-storage units in today's competitive B2B market.

Connect with Local Businesses through Social Networking

You may already be well aware that social networking plays a key role in attracting customers to your business. Sites like Facebook and Twitter increase your visibility and also make it easier for customers to connect with you as a business owner on a friendlier level.

However, these sites also provide the perfect opportunity for you to network with other business owners in your area and increase your company's visibility. You should like and follow the pages of other local businesses and even engage them by liking posts, asking questions, making comments, and giving optimistic and honest reviews of their products and services. Your customers will take note of the businesses that you like and follow, which could lead to increased revenue for these companies and garner their favor to your own business.

They may express their favor by liking, following, and posting your social media pages, which in turn puts your business in front of a bigger audience. You and your competitors will both enjoy increased visibility on these sites and also generate more money as more customers become aware of and shop at your businesses.

Build an Affiliate Network of Local Business Owners

Affiliating with local business owners should extend beyond social media, however. You should likewise network with your peers and competitors in person. This networking fosters the give-and-take that can benefit your company as well as other local businesses. Some of the ways to build this affiliate network involves:

  • Asking moving companies, real estate agents, and other industry peers for customer referrals
  • Give referrals to local businesses and entrepreneurs in return
  • Provide services and products at a discount for local business owners
  • Host small business events or serve as a venue for fellow competitors in your area

These seemingly simple tips can go a long way in helping you sell rental facilities and also garnering high favor with competitors in your area. It creates a network that you can rely on to help build your business now and in the future.

Freebies and Rewards

Business owners against whom you are competing, like saving money as much as you do. Saving money lets them keep more cash in their bank accounts and frees up resources to pay important expenses like rent and payroll.

You can help your peers save money and even offer them free rental services by creating a rewards program or sponsoring contests. For example, you may give people points for each referral your business gets. The points can then add up toward a month's worth of free rent.

Contests and freebies provide a fun and innovative way for you to network with and gain the trust of other business owners in your city. They also help you sell rental facilities to more customers.

Today's B2B market remains as competitive as ever. You can build a successful enterprise and sell more rental facilities by using these smart, fun, and friendly tips to approach competitors in your area.