Westy Self Storage Makes Donation to Youth Council

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Westy Self Storage Makes Donation to Youth Council

Westy Self Storage in Wilton, Connecticut has made a generous donation to the Wilton Youth Council in the form of storage space. The self storage facility has made a donation to the Wilton Class Projects in order to aid with the preparation of decorations for its Post Graduation Party.

The donation came just in time as the project was implemented to provide a safe environment for the students in the area to celebrate their graduation night. The Wilton Class Project has been sponsored by the Wilton Youth Council for over 25 years. On the night of graduation, the school is transformed for the graduating seniors, which allows the students to remain safe and sober in one area, all while enjoying their final night as high school students.

According to the Wilton Bulletin, “We are grateful that Westy has provided us a place to work on our decorations and store our materials,” said Shawn Kahal of The Wilton Class Projects. “Since we are working with a tight budget, it is extremely helpful that Westy has donated a storage unit to us. We couldn’t ask for a more clean, secure location.”

Joe Schweyer, district director of Westy Self Storage in Wilton also weighed in on the donation, “We are happy to assist with The Wilton Class Projects. The Post Graduation Party is an outstanding concept in which the students can have fun yet remain safe. We put forth great effort and pride when supporting the communities we are fortunate to be a part of.”

Westy Self Storage has been in the self storage business for 25 years and is headquartered in Connecticut and also has locations in New York and New Jersey.

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