Self Storage Internet search engines; they’re all the same right? Wrong!

All search engines are not created equal. Of course you must type in the word or phrase you’re looking for—then what? There’s good reason that Google’s search engine dominate with 90+ % web usage; compared to their closest competitors Yahoo and Bing—which trail miserably at 4% and 3% respectively.

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The “search engine” arguably may be the greatest tool provided on the world-wide-web. A “search engine” is what the name implies—what’s the big difference you ask? Well, in the self storage industry, the better the search engine, or aggregator as they are officially termed, the better the experience for consumers locating their storage needs. Ask yourself, what is more frustrating than looking for something (think your car keys) and not finding it? Also, how much fun is it to search the Internet for long periods of time, only to have to search further to find what you’re looking for?

The general purpose of the self storage aggregator is to provide contact information, for those interested in storage.

The self storage industry has several suitors with various aggregators that allow customers the ability to search and locate facilities. The similarities of information provided are the same for most: listings of company names, addresses, city and state. Some list phone numbers, but it depends on… I’ll discuss that a little later.

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Not all self storage aggregators are the same. Some have been created for the storage user to find company names with little or no contact information. The user would then have to do further searches. Surprisingly, some self storage aggregator websites withhold information that could better serve consumers.

Just think if you needed to make an airline purchase, and you used one of the many travel-related websites available, and they didn’t provide seating prices? Would you seriously consider using that site again?

Certain so-called self storage aggregators don’t allow pricing, unit sizes, unit types, and specials offered to name a few. I see the wheels spinning in your head, and you’re thinking I’m making this stuff up—but I’m not.

How and why is this possible? Simple. The self storage aggregators are holding Mr. John Smith hostage from obtaining pertinent information in order for him to rent because, the website brass charges the facility owners and corporate big wigs to add their information. Do you believe that? Doesn’t seem customer-friendly to me, but hey I’m just a guy who values my time, and prefers convenience to web-surfing—err rather, searching.

There is an alternative in the self storage industry that puts the emphases on customer needs, while supplying owner/operators the ability to generate more rentals.