DIY Your Move with Packing Materials You Already Own

DIY Your Move with Packing Materials You Already Own

You’re moving, and that’s expensive enough as it is. Now you have to figure out how to pack all your stuff safely, and the cost of packing materials can add up quick! Here are some clever ways to pack your belongings with things you already have around the house.

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Sandwich Bags: These can be used to hold all hardware from disassembled furniture and appliances. Sandwich bags are also ideal to put toiletries in.

Hampers: Hampers are perfect for shoes and boots, pillows, or blankets.

Suitcases: You can pack heavy electronics, games, movies, books or shoes inside.

Towels: Use towels to wrap plates, serving platters, vases, or breakable décor.

Socks: All balls of socks should serve a purpose; they can be used to fill open space in boxes of breakables. Longer socks can also be used to wrap glasses and stemware.

Clothing: T-shirts, tanks, and sweaters can also be used to wrap breakables.

Twist Ties: Use twist ties to stop cables and cords from getting tangled.

Trash Pail: Clean garbage cans are great for packing cleaning supplies, detergents, and other heavy items.

Beer Boxes: Beer boxes can hold a lot of weight, and they have handles on the side. The best part is you can drink the beer to empty the box!

Rubbermaid: Use Rubbermaid containers for heavy pots and pans, small kitchen appliances, food from the pantry, toys, pet supplies, etc.

Baskets: Use them for whatever will fit. Baskets are ideal to pack in your car while the movers are hauling out the heavy stuff.

Underbed Storage: In most cases, these will travel as-is, but if you have the extra space, load it up!

Bags: Gym bags, backpacks, and even gift bags can be used to pack a variety of items.

Trash Bags: These are great for your clothes. You can keep your clothes on the hanger, and they will still be protected by the bag.

Drawers: Most clothes can stay in your dresser drawers. But, if you plan on doing this, check with your moving company to make sure they don’t have rules about handling unboxed items.

To save even more on packing materials, there are many local places that will give you free moving boxes. Don’t spend extra on your move if you don’t have to – happy packing!

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