How SEO and Social Media Work Together to Build a Platform

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How SEO and Social Media Work Together to Build a Platform

When building your platform for success, there are a number of variables for you to consider. Two of the most important are your SEO strategies and social media components working together to make a positive impact on your branding and bottom line. You can benefit from a strong partnership between the two, you just have to know how to mesh them together to reap the benefits in a big way, including the self-storage industry. How can this partnership come to fruition? Here are a couple of ways:

This doesn’t happen overnight. Actually, it’s a conglomerate of ideas and thoughts from key players in your strategic plan to pinpoint what your audience needs to see and hear to be effective. You want content that is relevant on all levels being generated on a consistent basis. When you have these strategic meetings, you should have the following data:

  • What content has the most impact on your audience and how does it affect your link-building strategies?
  • What content garners the most engagement from your audience and users?
  • What is your strategic plan for the next 3 months? 6 months? 1 year?

This information can help you build on your current strategy, target new audiences and markets, and revamp where necessary. Having a calendar to address these needs is crucial.

It’s no secret that traditional link building is the way to go. You also need to think about how you are attacking your other promotional strategies. In every marketing plan, there should be some paid promotions. The key is knowing how to leverage them to get what you need. Some good examples is organic distribution. You need to know where to find audiences that will read and enjoy your content, share it and then possibly link it. That helps build an audience for your paid promotions. You can use social media networks to find these people on your Facebook, twitter or other distribution venues to have a clearer picture of who to pinpoint and which audiences you should leave behind.

Your social media network should be comprised of a wide variety of people, but you want to make sure your audience adds value. Having a relationship with other sites, blogs or media outlets can give you a lot of leverage. One posting or tweet can get you very strong links and can essentially help your bottom line. You should have a strategy in place that will address this issue. Taking the time to develop these relationships is just as important as getting people to come to your site and do business with you. Word-of-mouth is still king when it comes to getting out information. With today’s technology, word-of-mouth comes in varied forms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Knowing what you have and how to effectively use it will take you far.

These strategies should help you develop your plans for short and long-term success. Using the tools you have effectively can solidify your brand and more.

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