How an effective self-storage company can help you

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How an effective self-storage company can help you

It’s no secret that when you have to acquire a self storage unit, there are a few things on your mind. One of the main things that probably pops up is the cost and the amount of time you may need to utilize the space. During your search, you need to think about more than that. You want to have a facility that is a one-stop shop of sorts, especially if you’re a corporation needing quite a few spaces. Think about the advantages of what the facility can do for you beyond storing your things and you’ll be on the right track. As companies move toward becoming global entities online, being proactive in their customer service strategies is crucial. Let’s take a look at how an efficient and effective self-storage facility can help you:

  • Moving - Moving can be a huge hassle and will fall in the ranks of being a complete mess, going smoothly or somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t have to be that way. From the moment you contact your facility, they can guide you to movers that can assist. There are quite a few self-storage companies that work with movers to get you deals that you may not find elsewhere. Additionally, if you use these companies, you can get a discount on your rental unit. Always make sure your facility and the referral company are reputable entities.

  • Supplies - You should be able to order or acquire supplies from the facility. This ranges from mattress covers down to boxes of each and every size. Tape, labels, packing material and other supplies that are needed for moving should be available to you. This says the company wants to assist with your transition and strives to make every effort to make your process smooth.

  • Manuals/Concierge Services - Based on what state you are in, or whatever state/location you are moving to, you may have the good fortune of finding a facility that has relocation manuals – online or in person. These manuals have everything about the new location that you can imagine. Restaurants, schools with their ratings, grocery stores, amenities, malls and convenience stores. They also list utilities with phone numbers and the nearest police and fire stations. A concierge service can also help with this and will be available to direct you to the correct numbers where you can disconnect your old services and connect to your new.

  • Believe it or not, these three items are the wave of the future. With the advent of online technology, everything can be accessed with the click of a button. Having a one-stop shop to help you get what you need without the added stress can be invaluable. Keeping a notebook around to make sure you have all your documentation in one place is a good idea as well. Self storage companies aren’t just unit rentals anymore, they have become storage solution entities. Utilizing all their services to the fullest will keep you ahead of the curve and make more time in your schedule.

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