Arranging a smooth move - Adding variety to your move

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Arranging a smooth move - Adding variety to your move

When moving, it can be a very difficult and trying time, especially if going across the country. During these times, embrace you inner child and make your transition interesting. Don’t look at the process as tedious, instead, try something new. Time to break up the monotony. Here are some tips:

  • Look at the move as an adventure – Start researching your new environment and instead of planning where to live, take a minute and learn everything you possibly can. Locate theaters, amusement parks, research things to do and see. When going to visit, make sure you stop by and check some of these venues out.

  • Find a great eatery or two – Again, when going to visit, find a cute place to eat that’s in the area and make a point of going to eat there. Once the move is complete, you’ll already have some places in mind to frequent. This will provide comfort in knowing you have someplace familiar to go.

  • Find a mall or two and visit – Nothing takes your mind off stressing things more than a mall. On your visit, find a mall, walk around and see what they have to offer. Visiting a couple of malls in the area will give you a better idea of which one you would want to shop in.

After your visit:

  • Plan a zone pack – no matter how hard you try, moving is a pain. Break it up and give yourself a breather. Pack your things into zones, especially if going to a self-storage facility. When you pack in zones, you can place your items into zones as well in the unit. This saves tremendous space. If you aren’t using a unit, you can still pack in zones for your new home, alleviating a lot of the guesswork.

  • Plan a packing party – this is a good way to spend time with the people you care about while still getting a lot of things accomplished. Make a game day of it. Arrange your friends into teams by color and assign them an area. To sweeten the deal, whatever team finishes by a certain time, they get a prize. Your home will be packed up in no time, and you will have a healthy competition going on.

  • Make a beautiful moving binder – who said moving had to be dull? Take a scrapbooking notebook, decorate it beautifully and organize your entire move in that book. Don’t leave anything out. All documents you need, phone numbers of physicians, etc. Records, a schedule of moving day pickups, verifications of turn-off requests and turn-on requests, phone numbers of all utility companies, new and old and the list goes on. Take pictures as you go. You will be creating a useful book that will also have some great memories in it of you and your friends, your pack party and more. It’s something that you can refer to again and again, and will demonstrate your superb organization skills.

Taking the time to do these things can breathe new life into your move and make it less stressful. You’re only one person, and infusing fun into the process can work wonders.

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