A “Wonderfully Grand” Trip

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A “Wonderfully Grand” Trip

I have many things on my bucket list and one of them is to see the Grand Canyon. I was reminded of this when I was browsing AAA’s July/August Going Places Magazine while relaxing outside in the patio. As an AAA member, I get this magazine every other month and see the wonderful destinations they offer; Peru, South Africa, China, and Grand Canyon. I lost myself in the pictures of the sun setting over the canyon, and day dreaming of taking such a trip. Oh what a trip it would be!

I imagine flying from Miami with a stopover in Dallas then continuing on to Beautiful Las Vegas, hearing Elvis singing “Viva Las Vegas” in my mind. As they song goes, my soul is set on fire and I’m ready to go. I see my husband and I excitedly boarding the plane and before we know it, we’re off and landing in Vegas! As I continue to day dream, we are pulling up to the Eiffel Tower. What, thought my dream was going to Vegas. Oh but we are! We’re at the Paris Hotel, sensual and sexy. As we are shown to our room, I am dreaming of the shows that we’ll take in: Mystere, a Cirque du Soleil or maybe go see Donny and Marie Osmond or David Copperfield or the great buffets Vegas is famous for. Of course, we only have a couple days in Vegas, before we head across Hoover Dam and over to Williams, Arizona for a stay at the Grand Canyon Hotel.

After a few days in Vegas, we head to Williams, AZ crossing over one of man’s greatest creations, The Hoover Dam. After a brief tour learning about this enormous structure we will continue along Route 93, then US 40 until we get to the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel for a couple of nights. I can imagine checking into this glorious hotel and a step back in time to the Wild, Wild West. I can’t wait for the next day when we will travel by historical “Grand” trains from Train Depots that are over 100 years old.

The next morning we will awake to a glorious sunny day with wonderful views of this city. We board our train as one would expect from the Wild West, we are held up by actor “gangsters”. It is all fun and delightful as we travel along the rim of the canyon until we reach the Grand Canyon Depot. We will to disembark for a few hours to take in the views of the Grand Canyon, tour the Scenic Hermit Road via shuttle bus or even venture out on a small hike on the Trail of Time. I can only imagine what a wonderful sight it will be to see such a majestic view of one of God’s creations.

A car horn quickly brings me out of my day dream and brings me back to reality. I am home, not in Vegas or along the rim of the Grand Canyon. But why not? I could be. I just need to find a time that we can take some time off and do such a trip. If only it was as easy as it was in my dream.

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