How affordable is self-storage?

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How affordable is self-storage?

In this economy, it’s no secret that homeowners and renters alike want to save money. If you’re downsizing temporarily, you may need a self-storage unit to store your things. Although you may not think this is ideal, it’s actually a great remedy to a temporary situation. If you’re moving to another state (i.e from Miami to Atlanta) but don’t have a chance to get everything together completely prior to the move, you’re looking at getting a self-storage unit to house your things.

One of the main things when it comes to getting a self-storage unit is the cost. Many people think it’s an additional cost that they can’t afford. The key to finding an affordable self-storage is research. There are many facilities that offer specials and depending on how long you need it, you can get tremendous discounts.

A storage facility can be a lifesaver when you think about it. You can house your things while you’re figuring out your next move. Here are a few additional things you can do to make getting a self-storage unit more affordable for you:

  • Reserve your unit online – there are tons of deals when you reserve your unit online. You won’t pay the in-person reservation price, saving you money.
  • Get the correct size – making sure you have the right size unit can save you money.
  • Location - If you’re trying to get a self-storage in a ritzy area, then you will probably pay more.
  • Coupons – scour internet coupon sites for coupons. Once you pick which facility you would like, it’s almost a guarantee there’s a coupon out there.
  • Share a space – if you’re a college student or you have neighbors that want to put some things away, sharing a space and splitting the cost could actually work for you.

Think about it – depending on the size, your self-storage unit may be cheaper than what you pay for cable or eating out per month. As consumers, we tend to migrate toward the “feel-good” items instead of what we need at the time.

Whatever your need may be for wanting a self-storage unit, you can be sure there’s an affordable unit out there for you. Magazines and other storage solution companies all agree that at some point, you may need to get a self-storage unit. The main factor is knowing they are affordable, and aren’t that expensive once you take the time to do the research.

Anything can be affordable if you put your mind to making it happen. When situations like this occur, you may have no other alternative than to get a self-storage unit. Knowing which companies cater best to your current financial situation allows you to make an informed decision. You can only benefit from getting the unit you need at an affordable price. Take note of our tips and you’ll be well on your way to proper planning. Your belongings will have a safe, secure storage place and you won’t have any more worries. It will all be well worth it. Happy self-storage hunting!

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