How do you store your holiday goodies?

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How do you store your holiday goodies?

There’s a holiday almost every other month in the year. If you’re part of an organization or just like to decorate, you should have a large accumulation of items. Between New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Kwanzaa, you could use some extra space! That’s not even including the other holidays and special occasions that may occur throughout the year that you celebrate.

If you’re a serious decorator, you may switch things up beyond holidays. Maybe you like seasonal trends – bright colors for spring and summer, warm colors for fall and winter. That means taking down curtains, changing table settings and other things. With all that decorating flair, where do you store everything?

A self-storage unit would be an excellent way to safely store your things while keeping them accessible. If you live in an apartment, it’s almost a guarantee that you don’t have room to house all those decorations and home goods. Even if you have a home, if there is no spare bedroom or room in the garage (if you have one), this could be very problematic. Having a self-storage unit could solve all your problems for a few dollars per month. You want to assess everything you have to determine what kind of self-storage you need and how big. If you have candles and things that could possibly melt, you should look into having a climate-controlled unit. If your place is very small, once you pull out the holiday decorations, will you need to rearrange your furniture? You can put some furniture into storage until the season is over, giving the unit a dual-purpose, further maximizing your money!

If you decide self-storage is your best option, here are a couple of tips to use when storing your holiday and seasonal items:

  • Maximize your space. Group items together by season. The four seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer should all have their own section and bins or whatever you use to organize.

  • Every holiday that falls within that season should be stored together. For example, Thanksgiving plates and decorations should be in the fall section.

  • Everything should be properly labeled so you know exactly what it is. This will keep the confusion down and you can go right to the section and container.

  • Make a blueprint so you will know where everything is.

  • Always put the heavy items on the bottom. Dishes and breakables always go on top.

  • Depending on the size, try to organize things in a “U” fashion so you will have a walkway.

  • Although you are organizing, try to keep things simple. You don’t want to defeat your purpose.

  • Make sure you are packing your holiday things properly.

Getting an affordable self-storage unit and using these tips can take quite a bit of pressure and clutter out of your life. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not become a headache. This is a simple solution to your holiday storage problems and more!

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