Self-storage can help your business boom!

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Self-storage can help your business boom!

As a business owner, your responsibilities grow by the day. As you’re growing, one of the things you may not have enough of is space, or you can’t afford the overhead of an office. Choosing to utilize a self-storage unit in your area could be very advantageous. The benefits of using a self-storage facility to help grow your business is two-fold: you have a safe place to store your items and it’s significantly cheaper than having an office. How can this help you? Let’s take a look:

    Having a self-storage unit in your area that is easily accessible and has flexible or extended hours is a great asset. Climate controlled units also help on hot areas or during summer months. Being able to retrieve important documents or items you need to conduct business for that day in one place saves time and money.

    Having a storage facility gives you the ability to have a clean and organized filing system. Every good business owner knows the importance of maintaining accurate records. Truth be told, all businesses, even the “paperless” ones aren’t completely paperless. If you don’t have the room in your home, this would be a perfect storage option.

    If you’re in a service business, this could be a perfect place to store the items after they are used. For instance – if you are in the entertainment industry and specialize in bounce houses and inflatable toys, where would you put them? Your self-storage unit could securely hold these items until your next event. Are you a caterer? Your tables, tablecloths, serving trays and other utensils have to be stored somewhere. A self-storage unit would definitely come in handy.

    You will have a place to store your office supplies, marketing materials and other essential items that are used to promote your business. Items that you would need for sales or need to purchase in bulk would have a safe place to be housed.

    Even if you don’t have an office, your storage facility could serve as a point of reference for your employees or sub-contractors. For instance, if they need to turn in uniforms or items from an event, they could meet you at the self-storage unit. This could, in essence, work as a mini-distribution center for you. It would assist in keeping track of your inventory, and your records would be right there for recording purposes.

It doesn’t matter what city you are in, self-storage units are designed to work with your needs. Whatever size your operation, there’s a space for you. Climate-controlled units may be a better option for storing files. It really depends on your usage and how often you will access the unit. If it’s on a consistent basis, that may be your best option. If you plan to use the unit for a significant amount of time, you may be able to work out discount pricing. You’re a business person … use your negotiation skills. As your business grows and you eventually move into a private office, you may still need a storage facility to house certain things. You’d be surprised how many businesses use self-storage. Businesses need extra space, just like regular folks. Do some research to locate a self-storage facility that has everything you need. Now, take advantage of this option and watch your business grow!

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