Self Storage for Artists

Self Storage for Artists

Whether you are a weekend artist or have decided to be a full blown struggling artist, with the way real estate is, you might not be able to afford those high rent prices. Self storage could be the answer, it can mean the use of a public storage facility not only to store your items, but to use it as a workspace, think about it, what can be better than a place where you can do your thing without all the hassle of renting an expensive location.

-Storage unit for artists
-For artists, from painters to sculptors to musicians and everyone in between, one of the biggest challenges to creating art is having an effective space from which to work freely. One out-of-the-box idea for a dedicated space is a local self storage unit. Depending on your particular needs, some facilities may even have units with tall ceilings for more room, all you need to do is just ask them. Having a dedicated space really helps with making great art. Not having to drag everything out of a tucked away storage spot, and having plenty of room for your art to set or dry, for the painters, sculptors and potters. Self storage units offer this dedicated space so you can spend more time creating the art you enjoy, rather than just setting up and tearing down.

-Storage unit for musicians
Having a dedicated space also helps the struggling musicians; not having to tear down the equipment every time you get done playing will give you peace of mind to get your creative uses flowing. The ability to play a musical instrument is an extraordinary talent. Whether or not you’re an award-winning concert pianist or you enjoy playing the maracas, the drums, or a trumpet for your college band, there may be reasons why you will need to place your musical instruments in self storage. Whatever your reason is for placing your musical instruments in self storage, your instruments will need to be properly prepped and cared for prior to placing them in storage. Long-term storage can deteriorate many items, thus depreciating their value, if not properly cared for prior to storage.

-A storage unit may not only be to store your musical equipment
Is practicing made difficult because you can’t find the right place? If the basement is too small or your neighbors are just a little too intolerant, consider renting a self-storage unit. With the storage industry growing so quickly, there is likely a facility conveniently located for you and all your band mates where you can practice without worrying about bothering your neighbors or what they may do if they get bothered a little too much. Renting a climate controlled storage unit will also allow you safely secure your instruments. If you love to play music, you won’t want your rehearsal time predicated on the weather. Renting a climate-controlled unit will allow your band to comfortably rehearse no matter what the weather may be doing outside. Now it could be you don’t want to part with your instruments any longer than you have to, but you are willing to leave your instruments in your rehearsal area, renting climate-controlled storage will protect even your most delicate musical instruments. Take the time to learn if your particular instrument needs any special additional care when being stored.
Once you’ve done all your preparation, the last thing you need to remember is to have fun. Without any worries of bothering your family and/or neighbors you can turn the amps up to 11 and play to your heart’s content.

Do you need sound insulation in your unit? While most storage facilities won’t have this pre installed, some won’t let you put any in either. Be sure you explore what kind of insulation you’ll need, if any, and discuss it with the storage facility management.