What is Self Storage?

What is Self Storage?

Did you know that there is some evidence that self storage units existed in ancient China, maybe as early as the Ming Dynasty? It seems that people have always had the need for space to keep their “stuff.” In the 1960s the concept began to spread across the United States. Today, there are more than 47,000 facilities existing in every state. There is enough total floor space to cover Manhattan Island three times.

The self storage concept is incredibly simple. The facility rents a space to a tenant. The tenant can put whatever he chooses (as long as it is non-flammable and legal), affix a lock to the unit, and maintain sole access to his unit. Many self-storage facilities provide 24 hour access to the units for tenants, so that the items stored are always accessible.

There are different units available for different purposes, vehicle storage, boat storage, RV storage, or document storage are just some of them, you will find the space available that will fit your need perfectly. Don’t have room in the garage for the motorcycle? How about motorcycle storage?

Guests coming for the Holidays and you need to make some room in the driveway or garage? With car storage you can lock the doors and choose indoor or outdoor storage. Fence, gate, security are all provided by the self storage facility.

Self storage has become an American tradition. Everyone has papers, furniture, books, possessions that we don’t want to throw away, but that we don’t have room to store in our residence or office. Self storage units are built to be convenient and provide the perfect storage solution.

Units from small locker sizes to as large as big offices have been built for your convenience. Storage units are normally leased on a month to month basis or if you want to save more you can opt for a long-term contract. There are storage units that are climate-controlled and others that are not. Costs range from a few cents per foot to many dollars. The self storage facility will provide you with exactly what you desire at a price you can afford.

Businesses rarely have sufficient closet space for storing files for an extended period. Self storage units cost significantly less per foot than office space, so they provide a very cost-effective means for any business to store items that are not currently needed, but cannot be destroyed.

Facilities provide various levels of security. Vehicle storage is usually little more than a lot, adjacent to the facility, that is fenced, gated, and watched by the facility manager. Some units are garages and are perfect for the car storage or motorcycle storage use. Other units have electronically controlled access to the facility and some even to the unit buildings. Having a resident manager, a common practice, provides another means and level of security for the tenant.

Self storage is exactly what its name implies. It is a personal space to keep possessions at a price, a climate condition, and a level of security that makes you comfortable. Self storage provides great space in great locations at a great price. Great choice!