Self Storage Tips For Springtime

Self Storage Tips For Springtime

Using self storage can be seasonal for some users. If this is true for you, there are certain things that you should consider before storing at certain times of the year. Plan your self storage activity in such a manner that you have access to all the items you need at different points during the year. However, if you are storing indefinitely, there’s no need to be concerned with self storage structure. Just ensure that you have selected the appropriate unit type for your possessions. Definitely choose a climate-controlled unit if the items you will be storing are susceptible to mildew, expanding, or heat damage to name a few. As winter subsides for the next month or so, here are a few tips for springtime self storage:

  • Put away your winter gear – Now is a perfect time to stow away the bulky winter-related possessions such as coats, comforters, heaters, the snow-blower, and snowmobile that may be taking up space in your home. Depending on where you reside, the cold weather should be warming up by mid-March. Winter “officially” ends March 21st and the spring will be upon us, therefore, you can get a head start by putting away all the bigger winter items, to lessen your spring-cleaning.

  • Get rid of unnecessary items – Use this trip to your self storage unit as an opportunity to rid yourself of all needless items you acquired over the winter. While you’re in your self storage unit, take the opportunity to throw away old spring items that you really haven’t used, or you know the probability isn’t likely that you’ll use certain items again.

  • Put summer items to the front of the unit – While you’re rearranging things throughout your storage unit, start thinking about your summer unpacking. Therefore, if you have items in your storage unit such as a blow-up pool or cooking grill, put these items towards the front or in a certain section, so that when you pack away spring items, it will be easier to unload.

It is a good idea to arrange your self storage unit so that your items for the next season are generally towards the front. For example, since winter is ending, put your winter-related gear near the rear. When spring is over, put your spring items behind the winter items. That way, you will always have less work to do when it comes to packing and rearranging. Happy spring-cleaning!