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Low Budget Movers

Low Budget Movers

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Karla Zajac

October 30th, 2016- From Google

Movers Cody and Liam were very professional and enthusiastic and hard workers. Will definitely recommend. 10/10 would move again and hire them!

Brandy McMahon

July 30th, 2016- From Google

This company was awesome! They worked around my schedule and were very nice-and the guys who helped me move were AWESOME! Hard workers, very professional, totally amazing.

Julia Cleveland

January 18th, 2016- From Google

Moving always has been / always will be a stressful experience, but hiring the right moving service gave me back my zen. I was NOT done packing; the movers that came were polite, efficient, and non-judgmental about how scatter-brained I am (not even sure what furniture I wanted to take or leave!). I did NOT have a storage space; they assured me everything would be fine, just map a storage place and they would take it there. I left to change my address at the post office; they could have easily logged an extra 30 minutes for their bottom line but they gave me the times honestly. It came out ~$140 cheaper than I thought it would be. Will definitely use again.

ashley newcomer

November 9th, 2015- From Google

I can't express enough how thankful I am for Brian, Jake and Joe at Low Budget Movers. I had a very last minute move out of a 3,000 square foot house and they mad it so easy and seamless. I called Brian at 7:30am and he took care of EVERYTHING (except packing, hehe). I had a 26' truck, 2 movers and storage in 20 minutes! And it was the least I have ever paid for a move and storage! I was very stressed and overwhelmed. I had Brian schedule the movers for 1pm and they showed up at 12:45 to assess the move. My time started 1:17pm and ended at 4:50pm. I couldn't believe it! I thought I would be there all night! The movers, Jake and Joe, we absolutely amazing! They were so efficient, never stop and made me aware of anything that I needed to know regarding my valuables. They brought their own packing materials and made sure my belongings were safe and secure. When the truck was full and the house was empty, they took my belongings to storage and unpacked it there. I didn't even need to go! Which was a relief because I was exhausted. They only charged me for the time they were at the house. Not for unloading it at the storage! Plus, for the storage, I received the first month free. I have moved several times and this by far was my best experience! Thank you so much, Brian, Jake, Joe!

Shana Brown

September 18th, 2015- From Google

I am just writing to commend Billy and Reuben on their move on this past Wednesday. I am very particular and it takes a lot to get a perfect anything from me but with all sincerity I can say that I wish I could give them 10 stars. They were so professional and courteous I was amazed. Moving was a stressful enough situation but those two went above and beyond what I was expecting. My first moves around Arizona (I was moving from out of state) were horrible with the movers showing up 3-4 hours late with no explanation and a list of things that they were and were not going to do. They were even careless with furniture and damaged several expensive marble and glass pieces. Needless to say I was gun shy this time around. I knew I needed professional movers but I had friends on speed dial ready just in case the movers “showed out”. THANK YOU for having such great employees. Not once did I have to call my friends for help and when they checked up on me over the course of the day they were shocked that 3.5 hours later, not only was I moved out of the 1st apt but into the second. And with NO damage to my furniture this time around. They put everything exactly where I needed it (even if it meant in the storage room) so I would not have to lift it later. I could not say enough about how great these guys were that my friends are requesting their information for upcoming moves that they are thinking about. I truly just cant say thank you enough times.

Deborah Bee

July 23rd, 2015- From Google

I have used this moving company twice in the last year….Next week, it will be my third time. The owner and his team are great! Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have moved because of apartment complexes that were intolerable. Stress is my middle name. They have been patient, professional, honest and no damage was done to my belongings. Dealing with a neurotic customer is no sweat for these guys. They work quickly, are on time, and so reasonably priced, I'm not sure I could afford to move this frequently. The bonus is they actually bring tools for any assembly needed. No other budget mover has offered this service. I've tried other movers, and this company surpasses them all. Great work!

Laura __________

May 26th, 2015- From Google

You can depend on these guys! Rob & Reuben did a fantastic job maneuvering through 3 locations picking up furniture and items to be moved from Fountain Hills, to the West side. They arrived on time and got right to work. They did an amazing job protecting items. Rob has a great knack for organizing so that things go on the truck or in storage in way that is safe and compact. They listened well and asked where you wanted things to go upon delivery and worked very hard the entire time. I also noticed that they took good care of their own items going back on the truck. The owner Brian was very professional. His insurance company sent me a copy of his coverage which was rather extensive and assured me that any damages to my items would be covered in the policy. Moving is a big job, finding a company that is trustworthy, covered properly, and priced well, and has good workers, is another job. That is why I am writing this review today. If it were my company, I would appreciate being recognized for doing a good job running my business. So go Brian and team; I wish you the best of luck in growing your business. You deserve it!! Laura & Cheryl

Deb Bryant

May 6th, 2015- From Google

The entire move went off flawlessly. The crew showed up on time, and didn't stop moving until the last piece of furniture was in place, and all the boxes off-loaded where we asked. The estimate was right on with what Brian gave me, so there were no surprises when it came time to pay for the move. Clint and Joseph were conscientious, prompt, great customer service, and didn't break or scratch a single piece in the 8.5 hours that we had them working for us. I couldn't have asked for a more stress-free move. I don't want to move again anytime real soon, but if I *did*, the first call I would make would be to Brian, and to request Clint and Joseph! This is what makes moving an adventure, and one that is pleasant to experience. If you want it done right, call Brian and his guys. You won't be disappointed.

Ada Culwell

December 31st, 2014- From Google

Brian and his crew were amazing. I have used them twice now and both experiences were great. Brian runs an honest service and stands by his work. The crew showed up on time and really took care of me and my belongings. They came in under budget and in less than the projected time on both occasions. I would recommend Low Budget Movers for anyone in need of a moving company. Great Service and Great Guys.

Loreen Mutter

December 17th, 2014- From Google

These guys were FABULOUS!! Quick, efficient, professional and FRIENDLY!!! It was the best moving experience I've had out of 6 in the past 8 years. I will most definitely be calling them again when I find my perfect new home and transfer my belongings from storage!!!! Brian is top notch in customer service and he and his helper moved me from a 3rd floor apartment and a garage to a storage unit 5 miles away in just over 4 hours. Last movers I had took 7+ hours to move me across the complex. Call Low Budget Movers! You won't be disappointed!!!!

Self-Storage Units Size Guide

Use this simple storage unit size guide to help you visualize and choose the size you need.

5' x 5'

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25 square feet

- This unit is the size of a small closet. Here you can store small furniture like chairs, night stands, coffee tables, and small bookcases, as well as small mattress set. You can also store a couple of small appliances like a washer/dryer combo, microwaves, and dishwashers. This unit is perfect for small items stored in labeled boxes and seasonal items.

5' x 5' Storage Unit

5' x 10'

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50 square feet

- This unit is the size of a large walk-in closet. Here you can store the items of a small 1 bedroom apartment, studio, or small office. A small bedroom set, a dresser, chairs, file cabinets, or a small couch. You'll also be able to fit in small items like lamps, coffee tables, kitchen ware, a bicycle, picture frames, items in labeled boxes, or yard equipment.

5' x 10' Storage Unit

5' x 15'

Reserve for free!
75 square feet

- This unit is long and narrow. Here you can store items from a 1 bedroom apartment or office. Narrow items like mattress sets, dressers, bookcases, and file cabinets are perfect for this size of space. Garage items like ladders, bicycles, yard equipment and/or labeled boxes also fit well. Try to keep a small space clear on one side of the unit for easy access to items in the back.

5' x 15' Storage Unit

10' x 10'

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100 square feet

- This unit is the size of a small bedroom. Here you can store the items of a 1-2 bedroom apartment, such as 2 bedroom sets, a couple of large appliances, a dining room table and chairs staked up. A small couch and coffee table will also fit, As well as few labeled boxes with small items. Office items like desks, file cabinets, bookcases, computer boxes, fax machines, and office supplies are perfect for this size of space.

10' x 10' Storage Unit

10' x 15'

Reserve for free!
150 square feet

- This unit is the size of a regular sized bedroom. Here you can store the items of a 2 bedroom house or large office like bedroom sets, large appliances, living room and dining room furniture, computer desks, unused electronics, yard equipment, tools and work equipment, and labeled boxes with smaller items. You can also use this space to store small vehicles like small cars, golf carts, motorcycles, ATVs, small boats, etc.

10' x 15' Storage Unit

10' x 20'

Reserve for free!
200 square feet

- This unit is the size of a standard one car garage. Here you can store the items of a 2-3 bedroom house as well as a items from a large office. Bedroom sets, living room and dining room furniture, large kitchen and laundry appliances, labeled boxes. You can also use this space to store large items like a mid size collectable car, large tool boxes,

10' x 20' Storage Unit

10' x 25'

Reserve for free!
250 square feet

- This unit is the size of a large one car garage. Here you can store the items of a 3 bedroom house like bedroom sets, large furniture, large appliances, patio furniture, carefully packed home decor, labeled boxes of smaller items, lawn care equipment, seasonal items, etc. A large collectable vehicle fits well with plenty of space to store smaller items behind it or in front.

10' x 25' Storage Unit

10' x 30'

Reserve for free!
300 square feet

- This unit is the size of a two car garage. Here you can store the items of a 4 bedroom house, large office space of multiple rooms, 2 mid-size vehicles, large machinery, plus all the items mentioned previously for smaller unit sizes. Make sure to leave a clear path in the middle or side for easy access to items in the back of the unit.

10' x 30' Storage Unit

5' x 10'

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Fully Enclosed Unit, ideal for a cruiser or touring motorcycle or two sports bikes. This unit will keep your motorcycle away from the elements and secured as in a regular car garage.

5' x 10' Motorcycle Enclosed Storage

10' x 10'

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Fully Enclosed Unit, suitable for a jetski with trailer, an ATV or even a smart car. Enclosed units keep your vehicle or water craft out of the elements and ready for your next outing.

10' x 10' Jetski Enclosed Storage

10' x 15'

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SMALL VEHICLE PARKING space, usually located outdoors. Make sure you use a vehicle cover to protect it from the weather.

10' x 15' Small Vehicle Storage

10' x 20'

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LARGE VEHICLE PARKING space, usually located outdoors. Make sure you use a vehicle cover to protect it from the weather.

10 x 20 Large Vehicle Storage


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SMALL RV PARKING space, usually located outdoors. Make sure you use a vehicle cover to protect it from the weather. Contact the storage facility for dimensions of space to make sure your it's large enough for your size of RV.

Small RV Storage


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LARGE RV PARKING space, usually located outdoors. Make sure you use a vehicle cover to protect it from the weather. Contact the storage facility for dimensions of space to make sure your it's large enough for your size of RV.

Large RV Storage


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SMALL BOAT PARKING space. In this space you can store a small watercraft on a trailer. The use of a protectant cover is recommended. Contact the storage facility for dimensions of space to make sure your it's large enough for your size of boat and trailer.

Boat Storage


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SMALL BOAT STACKED storage. Used for both long term and short terms watercraft storage. Boats are fork lifted up into the rack without a trailer.

Stacked Boat Storage
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